Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Summary 2

In the interview from 1997 Agnes Martin says that the only think you need to know is what you want. She says that she doesn't have any ideas, just inspiration. She says that art today has too many ideas. She thinks that education is wrong because the focus is on being superior, capable, and ambitious instead of what you are actually doing. She says that everyone knows that art comes from inspiration but they try to make it seem more complex. She says that music is the highest form of art, purely abstract and not intellectual. She doesn't think there is anything you can say about art. She says that you have to be modest. She doesn't think that artists deserve any credit. She says the worst thing you can think about is yourself.

I think it's very refreshing to see an artist that's been working forever speak the way she spoke in this interview. She really seemed to have found a lot of peace and understanding with herself. It was nice to see her completely downplay and reject the importance of ideas, conceptualism, and intellectualism. I agree that art is too focused on too many ideas. I too agree that the ideas and origins behind art are much more simple than most artists would like to make it seem.

1. Have ideas replaced art?
2. Are most artists liars?
3. What is the difference between an idea and inspiration?

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