Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Summary 3

Roland Barthes' 1977 essay, "Death of the Author" is against literary works being interpreted based on their author. Barthes believes that work should be looked at without having to directly connect it with the author. This essay reminded me of "Against Interpretation" in that each article suggests that work should be able to stand on its own without being reduced to the interpretations of others.

I personally think it is impossible to completely separate the creator from their creation, but they are not the same thing. I don't think it is necessary to know an artist to be able to appreciate or understand their art. Works of art should be able to stand without the artist who made them. I trust a work of art more than an artist.

1. What if all art was anonymous?
2. Is it possible to separate an artist from their work?
3. Should we care who work is created by?

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